PRINCESS HAIR Philippines: SAY YES To the luscious and thick hair! Princess hair effect, how to use, price, opinion, review

Say YES To the luscious and thick hair!

Princess Hair philippines

  • Restores the hair bulb
  • Enhances the strength and beauty along the entire length
  • For all types of hair loss

How to quickly restore the former beauty of your hair?

  • Full course for 2 weeks
  • The effect of thick flowing hair
  • 1 hour a day and you will forget about bald patches

This is the natural vitamin formula of the Princess Hair hair mask, a complex of nourishing and irreplaceable components for hair care

Argan oil

an excellent antioxidant, it creates a film on the hair surface that protects it from ultraviolet rays, restores the natural softness and shine to damaged and dry hair


Coconut and avocado oil

stops hair loss, protects against mechanical effects and the effects of dyeing, activates growth, gives silky appearance and healthy shine

Vitamin A

strengthens the hair roots, improves its growth, and protects against hair loss

Cinnamon oil

reactivates latent hair follicles and accelerates hair growth

Vitamin E

improves blood circulation to hair follicles, protects hair from the sun’s harmful effects, provides hair with natural luster, strength and softness

Chamomile and reed extract

they have a soothing, anti-allergic and antibacterial effect and help eliminate dandruff

Burdock oil

smooths the surface of the hair, giving it a well-groomed appearance, removes dandruff, provides extra nourishment and care in the absence of vitamins

The full 2-week course of application of Princess Hair hair mask gives stunning results. Many customers all over the world are already convinced of this

It reduces hair loss

90% – Gives shine and strength

Reduces brittle hair (95%)

  • Improves the appearance
  • Gives softness and shine

Reduces the amount of split ends (97%)

  • Stimulates growth

The simplicity and ease of use make the hair care procedure enjoyable and feasible.

For best results, you should:

  • Apply the mask to clean, wet hair
  • Apply the mask over the entire length, let it work for 5-7 minutes and rinse
  • Your hair will become shiny and nourished after the first use

Regular use of PRINCESS HAIR hair mask makes your hair strong and healthy!

Hair loss problems to different extent affect everyone, regardless of gender. Contemporary environmental quality, constant work stress and unbalanced diet add to the bad condition of the scalp and hair. As a result, it fades, loses its strength and volume, it has split ends, breaks and falls. As a physician-trichologist, I have tried a lot of remedies during the years of my practice, which could help the patient strengthen their hair at home, maintain its appearance and strengthen the structure. Hair mask PRINCESS HAIR is a real discovery! The natural ingredients in its composition effectively restore brittle and damaged hair with split ends. The clinical trials of the mask prove its effectiveness in combating baldness and hair loss.

The strength and beauty of our hair depends on many factors, and only the complex approach to care gives the best results.

Physician-trichologists recommend:

Princess Hair philippines

  • Balanced diet and taking vitamin-mineral complex
  • Choose the right comb and limit the thermal effect on your hair
  • Wash your head properly, make head massage, take a mesotherapy course and use hair care products at home
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle and avoid stressful situations

Hair mask Princess Hair is a fantastic development that has passed all the necessary laboratory tests and inspections. One package contains all the ingredients needed to achieve the best results in the care of brittle, weak and lifeless hair.

The product is certified and meets all international standards. The number of positive reviews from those who have tried PRINCESS HAIR hair mask testify to its real effectiveness and benefit for hair


PRINCESS HAIR hair mask is sold only in original packaging.

Buy only genuine PRINCESS HAIR products.

Old price: 3980 ₱

Price: 1990 ₱